Thursday, January 08, 2004

I hate, hate, hate the New York sports media
Why, you ask? Because they have to subject the rest of us to their preposterous rumors. If I don't want to read about how the Warriors should trade Mike Dunleavy and Calbert Cheaney for Tracy McGrady, all I have to do is avoid the loonier message boards. But trying to escape from rumors that the Knicks are on the verge of trading Kurt Thomas and Charlie Ward for Nick Van Exel is impossible. Never mind the fact that anyone not located within the boundaries of greater New York realizes that Kurt Thomas and Charlie Ward are worth about a large Slurpee. Never mind the fact that the Warriors repeatedly denied that they had any interest at all in the deal (thus proving that, for all their other failings, they're at least not total idiots). No, as long it's something the New York fans would like to see happen, it's something we have to read about. (Note that the Knicks finally did succeed in moving Charlie Ward. The Suns showed their appreciation of his fantastic value by promptly cutting him.)

Now, I read some drivel that the Mets are interested in signing Vladimir Guerrero. Note that the story does not say anything about Guerrero being interested in signing with the Mets. Nor should it, given that the Mets' offer is substantially lower than the Expos offer he's already rejected, and also substantially lower than the offer he's discussing with the Orioles. And yet, it's news. Why? Because it's something New York would like to see happen, of course. (Why wouldn't they?) Even worse than this initial report is this Bob Klapisch bleating about why Vlad should come to New York, despite the lack of money. (Never mind the fact that all previous reports have indicated that New York is not a place where he would want to play; if the Mets want to sign him, well then of course he would want to play there!) The Mets have had a pretty decent offseason, but for Klapisch to glowingly describe Braden Looper as "the best available closer" is just the kind of thing that drives me batty.

Monday, January 05, 2004

The whole story on the A-Rod issue
I just saw this article, and I think it has the most complete account of the A-Rod deal that I've seen. Interesting reading.