Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thought of the day

Think of as many temporally-based names as you can. These have to be names that you can think of actual people having, not just things that "could be" a name. Here's all of the names my coworkers and I could think up:

April, May, June, Summer, Autumn, Dawn, Sunrise, Sunset, Christmas (OK, I can only think of one example of this, but still, it counts), and Thursday (this one is kinda cheating).

Notice something they have in common? They're all female names. Can you think of any temporal names which are male? (And people actually have to have this name for it to count.) The only one I can think of is the knight January in one of the Canterbury Tales (damned if I can remember which one), but that's iffy at best.


Sunday, March 06, 2005

Oh, joy!

Of all the webcomics that have come and gone in the time that I was reading them, it was Nothing Nice to Say that I missed the most. Like Penny Arcade, Nothing Nice has an exceedingly rare trait: though 99% of the time Mitch Clem was referring to a band (or game, in Penny Arcade's case) that I had never heard of, or at least not heard enough of to get any inside references, it was still exceptionally, and consistently funny. The thing that made me saddest about the comic was all of the stupid mail that he received, which made me realize just what a thankless task nearly any webcartoonist has, but which also made me realize that he simply wouldn't be able to keep it up forever. And so it was no surprise when NN2S finally went away, but it was a sad event.

I still kept it in my bookmarks, and in those days when I was really, really bored I'd go to visit again, in the hopes that it would be back. But no, it never was; for a while the domain name had even expired, but I still couldn't bring myself to delete the bookmark, and eventually the domain came back but there was nothing there...

And today, I was reading Questionable Content (my best recent webcomic discovery), and it mentioned Nothing Nice to Say, and I did a double-take, and I clicked the link, and it was back! Yay! And has been back for a month! I have no idea how long this will last, but I'll be glad as long as it's still around.