Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I originally posted this as a comment to Matt's blog, but given the lack of content on here lately (surprise!) I figured it deserved a wider (huh?) audience.

So, here's my ranking of all of the Cake songs I know. This includes all of Fashion Nugget, Prolonging the Magic, and Comfort Eagle; all of Motorcade of Generosity except "You Part the Waters", which my mental iPod couldn't come up with, and "No Phone", the only track I've heard off of Pressure Chief. Conveniently, this totals 50 in all.

Note that these rankings are off the top of my head and probably are highly mutable, given the interchangeability of so many of their songs.

1. Jolene (Motorcade of Generosity)
2. The Distance (Fashion Nugget)
3. I Will Survive (Fashion Nugget)
4. Cool Blue Reason (Prolonging the Magic)
5. Comfort Eagle (Comfort Eagle)
6. Friend Is a Four-Letter Word (Fashion Nugget)
7. When You Sleep (Prolonging the Magic)
8. Satan Is My Motor (Prolonging the Magic)
9. No Phone (Pressure Chief)
10. Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle (Motorcade of Generosity)
11. Shadow Stabbing (Comfort Eagle)
12. Never There (Prolonging the Magic)
13. Short Skirt/Long Jacket (Comfort Eagle)
14. Ain't No Good (Motorcade of Generosity)
15. Open Book (Fashion Nugget)
16. You Turn the Screws (Prolonging the Magic)
17. Arco Arena (Comfort Eagle)
18. Mexico (Prolonging the Magic)
19. World of Two (Comfort Eagle)
20. Frank Sinatra (Fashion Nugget)
21. Pretty Pink Ribbon (Comfort Eagle)
22. Sheep Go to Heaven (Prolonging the Magic)
23. Opera Singer (Comfort Eagle)
24. Mr. Mastodon Farm (Motorcade of Generosity)
25. Stickshifts and Safetybelts (Fashion Nugget)
26. Commissioning a Symphony in C (Comfort Eagle)
27. Guitar (Prolonging the Magic)
28. Is This Love? (Motorcade of Generosity)
29. Daria (Fashion Nugget)
30. I Bombed Korea (Motorcade of Generosity)
31. Meanwhile, Rick James... (Comfort Eagle)
32. Where Would I Be? (Prolonging the Magic)
33. Haze of Love (Motorcade of Generosity)
34. Race Car Ya-Yas (Fashion Nugget)
35. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Fashion Nugget)
36. Ruby Sees All (Motorcade of Generosity)
37. Long Line of Cars (Comfort Eagle)
38. She'll Come Back to Me (Fashion Nugget)
39. It's Coming Down (Fashion Nugget)
40. Up So Close (Motorcade of Generosity)
41. Love You Madly (Comfort Eagle)
42. Comanche (Motorcade of Generosity)
43. Walk on By (Prolonging the Magic)
44. Jesus Wrote a Blank Check (Motorcade of Generosity)
45. Let Me Go (Prolonging the Magic)
46. Sad Songs and Waltzes (Fashion Nugget)
47. Pentagram (Motorcade of Generosity)
48. Hem of Your Garment (Prolonging the Magic)
49. Nugget (Fashion Nugget)
50. Alpha Beta Parking Lot (Prolonging the Magic)