Thursday, December 12, 2002

Why I am such an excellent typist
Hey, I'm no Nietzsche, but I figured some self-investigation is in order.

While procrastinating today, I went to PopCap to fool around with their games, and on a whim (though I had really come to play Insaniquarium), decided to try their typing game. Not surprisingly, I effortlessly blew through the game until I reached the "off-the-map" area and it just reached inhuman levels. Whenever people ask me, "How did you become such a good typist?" I'm always slightly at a loss. I mean, part of it is that I've been on computers for a long time, and typing on them (since, heck, back in those days all you could do was type) equally long. And when I was a kid, I certainly went through my fair share of typing programs. (I actually liked a lot of the typing games, in the same way that I liked the really old-school Oregon Trail, before it had any graphics, when to shoot things for food you had to type words like "BLAM" or "POW" as fast as possible.) It wasn't that the typing programs gave me good technique, though; my habits had already been solidified long before my first encounter with Ms. Beacon (actually, I don't remember what my first real typing program was, but that's as good a guess as any), and they're certainly not really all that close to what's recommended. (Whenever I type on a split keyboard, for example, I get frustrated quite rapidly, because I often find my index fingers falling into the crevasse in the middle. If this doesn't prove that my habits are less than perfect, I don't know what does.) It's possible that it was merely the practice that these programs gave me, rather than any technique I learned from them, that gave me the skill that I have today. But, well, the same is true for a lot of kids (especially today), and it's not hard to see that the majority of them aren't particularly good typists despite having done it so much. So I can't really use that as a complete explanation.

Maybe it's a natural skill? In that case, why couldn't I have ended up with a natural skill that would impress the ladies a little more? Or at least one that would be more useful in my chosen line of work?

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