Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Paul's Trip Through Kongregate (also, hello there!)

So I was talking with Kenneth yesterday, and he happened to bring up this blog. And we were talking about Kongregate, which I have recently been sucked into. And I had an idea! I have comments about these games that I've been playing, and they're a little too substantial to just put in the comments section. Besides, why would I want to put them in the comments where they could be read by hundreds of people (including maybe even the game authors), when I could put them here and have one or two people read them if I was lucky? So I decided to dust off the blog and put it to that purpose.

Anyway, I'll probably comment on one game per day. I'll only comment on games that I have finished (for some value of "finished"), since that seems like the fairest thing to do, so there may be a bias here towards games that are good and/or short. But I don't think there's anything wrong with that!

As you can also see, I'm trying to modernize the blog a little bit by using one of the current Blogger standard templates. Also, instead of using the old janky custom comments system I had, I've just switched over to the standard Blogger comment system (yes, this blog was created before Blogger had comments available). This has caused the old comments to disappear, naturally, though I still have them around; maybe I'll figure out if I can put them back into old posts properly. For the time being I've just left it at the default of requiring a Google account to post, but if this annoys people I can make it less restrictive. Anyway, there will probably be more changes in the immediate future, but I mainly just want to get things into a condition where I can post with minimal effort and without the result looking horrible.

Oh, yeah, obligatory plug: If this series induces you to sign up for Kongregate, use this link, if you would be so kind.

First review tomorrow!

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ToastyKen said...

And thanks to the wonder that is RSS, I know about this post already! I can be the one person who reads it! :D