Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Generic Defense Game

Generic Defense Game is a well-needed satire of the top-down survival shooter genre. It goes for the most ridiculous possible scenarios: Nazis attacking your bowling trophy, zombie football players trying to tear down your goalpost, Pac-Man ghosts, killer ants, and of course's got it all. There's a variety of game modes, some with a fixed turret and some with a moving player, and some where you have to defend a fixed target and some where you only have to defend yourself. The format is still the usual, though: shoot enemies, get points, buy better weaponry, shoot more enemies, etc., and of course there's ever so much blood that gets spattered all over the place.

While the tongue-in-cheek attitude is a welcome addition, the fact remains that this is still, at heart, a very generic survival shooter, and there's nothing other than the silliness of the enemies that you're fighting to distinguish it from any of the many other near-identical products out there, so I found it hard to maintain interest in this game for very long. The graphics, sound effects, and music are appropriately generic: they're serviceable, but none of them is particularly great.

Anyway, I played this game long enough to get the badge (actually, longer; because the game doesn't inform you that you also get points for each wave completed, I kept playing for a fair amount of time after I actually had enough points to quit), but didn't really find it engaging enough to come back and play any more after having done so.

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