Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Turkey Fling

Turkey Fling is a very simple game: you launch a turkey into the air, and you try to keep him aloft as long as possible. Clicking the mouse will flap his wings, but you need to collect corn to keep your power up, otherwise you'll run out of energy and not be able to flap. Below you is an infinitely long dining table with plenty of hazards for your poor turkey to fall into should he run out of upward momentum.

My first time, I tried to play this like Hedgehog Launch and failed miserably. It was only when I realized that you wanted to launch the turkey (mostly) horizontally that I was able to succeed. Once you do that, it's not a terribly difficult game; you just click at the right time. I got the single (medium) badge without very much trouble at all.

The graphics are amusingly cartoony, and your poor turkey looks awfully terrified. There's no background music, but the sound effects are decent. A single play of the game doesn't take up very much time anyway, so there's not very much time to get bored. Overall, this is kind of your classic very simple Flash game: a useful time-waster if you have a minute or two, but not really worth playing much beyond that.

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