Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Disappointment of the day
Or more technically, Saturday.

I always enjoy wearing my "death of ferdinand de saussure" shirt (on the front: a picture of a tree, with "ARBRE" beneath, and both enclosed in the "not" symbol), because it always draws me such strange looks. I suppose this is because it looks like it's anti-tree, and wandering around with such a slogan in Berkeley is a bold act indeed. (Plus, I enjoy wearing it since the "making references people don't understand" factor is off the charts. I have yet to meet anyone who has managed to get both halves of the reference from the shirt.) However, I'm always slightly disappointed that while sometimes people will ask me "Hey, what's up with your shirt?", no stranger has ever asked me that question. They seem content to just give me confused (or dirty) looks.

Anyway, I was wearing this shirt Saturday, figuring that inquisitive high school quiz bowlers would be the perfect kind of people to ask about the shirt. None did, though. One of the coaches was bold enough to ask, but the students acted like people wearing such shirts was completely normal. Between that and Depeche Mode, I'm beginning to fear for the youth of tomorrow. :)

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