Wednesday, October 30, 2002

What, it's basketball season already?
I'll freely admit that of the Big Three, basketball is the sport that interests me the least, but I'm still surprised that it managed to completely sneak up on me like that. I guess it's partly because baseball managed to hold my attention longer than usual (*sigh*), and partly because hockey has grabbed more of my interest as a winter sport. In fact, the truth is, although I think of myself as a True Fan and look down on bandwagon fans, I am to some extent a fair-weather fan (and I suspect that pretty much everyone is, to some degree, regardless of what they may claim). After all, it's just really hard to stay really interested in a team when they consistently suck, and it's equally hard to avoid becoming really fanatical about a team when they are doing well and have a chance to win. So, given the consistent suckiness of the Warriors, I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised that basketball has dropped to the bottom of my radar screen, to engage in a little metaphor-mixing.

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