Friday, November 01, 2002

A note on style
...all right, one Parthian shot.

As you might have noticed, I still haven't quite decided what I want this blog to be, possibly because I'm not particularly thrilled by any of the standard stereotypical blog types. I suppose it seems to have evolved into more of a forum for what I think rather than a forum for what I've done, which isn't too surprising, when it comes down to it, since I tend to think more than I actually do things. On the other hand, I have no particular desire to just turn it into Generic Political Blog, since, well, then it'll utterly fail to interest anyone who doesn't already agree with me (at least, this is my experience with other blogs). So, the moral of the story: feedback is critical at this embryonic time! So if there's something you want to say (like, "shut up about economic issues already! We all took Econ at some point in our lives, you know!") feel free to do so.

And now, I'm outta here.

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