Thursday, October 31, 2002

My listening habits suck, these days
Back in the olden days, when my computer was too weak to play MP3s while actually doing other things, I was forced to listen to CDs. This often meant that I would actually listen to the whole CD all the way through, and the result of this was that songs (or, in some cases, entire albums, like "Reading, Writing & Arithmetic") I was initially unimpressed by later grew to become some of my favorite songs. Of course, the converse was also true; songs that grabbed me the first time through would often prove to not stand up all that well to repeated listenings.

But now, Winamp has spoiled me. When I acquire a new album, I listen to it a couple of times, and then pick the best songs to put on my permanent playlist. This means that not only am I missing out on all these potential gems, but also that my playlist picks up quite a bit of fool's gold, songs that I end up growing tired of and deleting from my playlist later.

I wish I could break myself of this habit, but it's so convenient. Wah.

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